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Global Cyber Security Professionals

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Global Cyber Security Professionals

Get no-nonsense support from experienced global cyber security professionals, without any hidden fees. From rolling monthly contracts to in-house built methodology, we’re making cyber security services simple, useful, and business relevant.

Realistic, relevant cyber security, with customer service at the heart of every project

UK Based SOC and Affordable SIEM

Standardise and sharpen response

Did you know that owns PocketSIEM? We don’t work with resellers, which means multiple margins are not stacked on to the service, making it the most affordable SOC & SIEM option we’ve ever come across.

We have super budget-friendly options from self-managed SIEM, all the way to full MSSP and everything in between.

Cyber Defensive Security

Harness the power of cyber defence to empower your business

Whether it’s a 24/7 SOC & SIEM, vulnerability management, consultancy or getting your Governance in order, can help you achieve your business goals through cyber assurance. Speak to us about how we can help you become self-sufficient in cyber defence.

Want no-nonsense cyber security support from global cyber security professionals?

Get in touch to speak to a cyber security expert now, we can help to improve your critical infrastructure, data protection and cyber defences through quality service at realistic prices.

Offensive Security

Maximise cyber defence through security testing

Uncover security vulnerabilities in your applications and infrastructure before hackers, crackers and attackers do. Make your trusted partner for penetration testing.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Consultants that understand business

Our consultants have worked on a variety of interesting projects, some of which are listed below;

We particularly love weird and unusual consultancy projects, so get in touch! - Global Cyber Security Professionals
Play Video about - Global Cyber Security Professionals

Why choose us?

TSC has developed the world’s most cost-effective SOC & SIEM service (PocketSIEM), introduced an exclusive PurpleTeam methodology with comprehensive infrastructure and application penetration testing tools.

We’ve also revolutionised the way you receive cyber security support.

Cyber security is ingrained in the culture. Our senior leadership team have worked extensively as technical practitioners, which has informed our realistic, business centric services. With, you can be confident that we’ve been in your shoes; we’ve grown the company out of the same frustrations and will strive to make your experience with us a positive one.


At TSC, confidentiality is paramount.

Unlike some other cyber security suppliers, we operate with integrity and refrain from name-dropping our clients to impress potential customers. We never exploit our clients’ trust to win new business by divulging sensitive details of their operations.

We won’t name you, but if you have kind words and don’t mind us sharing them, we’d love to do so!

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