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> building an internal SOC

th4ts3cur1ty.company build the clients internal security operations centre (SOC). This can result in different visions for different clients, we therefore tailor our vision of success to fit in with a variety of different sectors, budgets and levels of maturity. Our ethos is to demystify offensive and defensive security, we therefore strive to leave clients in a position of confidence, and provide the most vendor neutral security operations centre infrastructure as possible. 

> building a SOC

The security operations centre is at the forefront of cyber defence, with often convoluted networks, wide spread online attack surfaces, and ever diluted network perimeters; security infrastructure, log analysis and technical defence capabilities have never been more needed. A successful SOC involves workable network security infrastructure, wide spread visibility, skilled analysts and hardened processes. th4ts3cur1ty.company are committed to developing bespoke security operation centres in a variety of different environments.