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Community Engagement

At, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community and beyond. We actively participate in a variety of initiatives that demonstrate our dedication to education, security awareness, and social responsibility. Here’s a closer look at how we engage with the community and contribute to making the world a safer, better place.

Rosie’s Monthly Newsletter

Stay informed and connected with Rosie’s monthly newsletter, your go-to resource for all the latest happenings at our company. Each issue is packed with updates and insights, covering everything from recent achievements and upcoming projects to in-depth analyses of industry trends. Plus, get an exclusive glimpse into the activities of our Head of Strategic Solutions, who is constantly on the move, speaking at industry conferences, leading innovative projects, and crafting strategies that keep us ahead of the curve.

Events and Speaking Engagements

We are proud to be a sought-after voice in the field of cyber security. Our team is regularly invited to speak at colleges, universities, and industry conferences and podcasts, sharing expert knowledge and insights that inspire and educate future professionals. Our speakers are in high demand, reflecting our reputation as leaders in cyber security and our commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of this critical field.

We Give Away A Free SIEM Every Year

Each year, we donate a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system to a deserving UK-based charity, helping to strengthen their cyber defences and safeguard their important work. This initiative is part of our broader mission to extend state-of-the-art security resources to those who might otherwise lack access.

Dracoeye: FREE Community Vulnerability Checker

Understanding the importance of proactive security measures, we created DRACOEYE, a free community security checker. DracoEye allows individuals and organisations to quickly check a file, hash, email address, domains and IP addresses etc via one central place. With respected industry security authorities, including Threat Fox, Blacklist Checker, Alien Vault, and Spamhaus. By aggregating and presenting their findings, we provide you with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions based on these authoritative results.

Charity Involvement

Our commitment to the community goes beyond cyber security. Our team has participated in events like the challenging hike up Scafell Pike, raising funds for The Cyber Helpline. These activities reflect our belief in giving back and fostering a spirit of teamwork and resilience both within and outside the company.


At our core, we believe in empowering the community by providing educational resources that enrich knowledge and enhance skills. Our commitment to education manifests through hosting workshops, delivering speeches at schools and universities, and offering free access to our cutting-edge tools and research. These initiatives aim to foster a deeper understanding of our field, equipping individuals with the expertise needed to succeed in today’s tech-driven world. By investing in education, we are not only giving back to the community but also paving the way for a more informed and capable society.

Stay Connected

Your support plays a crucial role in our community engagement efforts.

Connect with us to learn more about our upcoming events, speaking engagements, and charitable activities.

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