About th4ts3cur1ty

With a no-nonsense approach to cybersecurity, we focus on providing the best defence possible to organisations of every size.

We’ve Done A Good Job If You Don’t Need Us Anymore

That’s it. We’re happy when the organisations we work with feel confident enough to go it alone

Our security services offer short and long-term support, diagnosis and knowledge sharing so that you can regain total control of your risk response and cyber defences.

While some companies might make the challenges (and fees) of in-depth cybersecurity sound never-ending, we believe security services can be simple –– and not break the bank. The truth is, cybersecurity can be confusing. That’s why we remove the jargon to make it easier for everyone to understand. By simplifying security, we encourage businesses to address security issues before they escalate out of control.

Worldwide Cybersecurity Services for Businesses in All Sectors

Small business and enterprise level cyber security.

No-Nonsense Support Tailored to Your Business Needs

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What We Stand For

  • Demystifying cyber defence through transparency and honesty. We always make sure our clients understand our process, so they can replicate our behaviours and take over repairs once we part ways. Often, our services include written explanations and reports that allow you to convey important information to your entire team.
  • Commitment to action, not waffle. From our blog and podcast to our approach to consultation, we never bamboozle our customers or embellish the truth just for the sake of a quick sale. Plus, you’ll never be paired with an inexperienced operative that isn’t equipped to do the job.
  • Flexibility in security operations, We offer cybersecurity support, but not as you know it. Whether you need to outsource your cyber security, have a short term helping hand or have plans for long-term self sufficiency, we commit to helping you reach your goals.
  • Making cybersecurity defence actually work. We understand cybersecurity defence isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. You won’t find any of our operatives recommending generic assessments or procedures. Instead, we spend more time aligning our actions to the company in question, in the hope of producing long-lasting, meaningful results. The longevity of your defence matters to us.

Identify, Protect, Respond, Recover

Th4ts3cur1ty aims to equip you with the ability and confidence to identify attacks and adversaries, protect business assets, respond to threats and recover from data breaches and cyber attacks.