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Top 7 questions to ask an MSSP before you buy


Do you have a dedicated analyst or analyst time? Do you have a dedicated service manager? MSSPs work to tight margins, but you need analysts that have time to get to know YOUR business


What is their out of hours support model? Ask about the price and service difference for 24/7 support or the occasional out-of-hours call out, most MSSPs offer these services. Is the MSSP fully staffed 24/7 or does it rely on OOH call-outs?


Make sure your MSSP provider has a solid security policy. You’ll need to know where their GEO-locations are and how that affects your data. MSSPs tend to have a multitude of client tools or environments to login to, so make sure they are using MFA and password managers with restricted access. And check their JML process.


Is there potential for your data to be mixed up with other customers’ data? Is there potential for other customers to see your data? Ask what measures are in place to protect you from this kind of accidental data exposure.


Ideally, there should be no more than 3 customer environments to monitor per Analyst. So, if your MSSP boasts of dozens of customers while they overload their staff, consider the inefficiency and impact on your alerts and service.


Don’t be shy to ask about the price! Remember, no-one cares about your business more than your own people, so make sure you’re getting the value you deserve from your MSSP investment!

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