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Why we went with comedy for our viral advert.

Author: Mary-Anne Calora

B2B marketing is boring. Bit of a bold statement. But not necessarily a lie, especially in the cyber security industry. Although, who wants to spend a sh*t ton on a boring ad?

No nonsense, just defence.
Nice tagline if I may say so myself. Our entire ethos at th4ts3cur1ty.company is no-nonsense. So when you’re thinking about making an ad, what do you do?

B2B, cyber security, an extremely technical industry… doesn’t scream easy creative to me. It doesn’t seem like something you can be funny or clever with. Never say never.

How do you do something that hasn’t really been attempted in the industry? Without the locks, shields, or the obvious hooded figure tapping in a dark room with a bright green glow coming from the random letters and numbers on a computer screen. How do you stand out?

Going back to our company morals and being ‘no nonsense’, we decided to do exactly that. Have an ad that focuses on the fact we are a no-nonsense company. Kinda. Sorta. Well, actually the complete opposite. We wanted to explain our services, but the way we did it was to deliberately have a bunch of nonsense to go along with it. The entire ad is and what should be, bloopers, from the making of a ‘serious’ ad. Examples include mispronunciation of our company name and a cheeky penetration testing joke. Having the actor purposely be over the top. So that besides all the gimmicky, over-flamboyant mess, the endpoint remains the same. Cut the sh*t, we’re a cyber security company that just does defence—end of.

Now, watch our ad lol.

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