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Created with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Dracoeye is designed for anyone to use, from curious beginners to seasoned SOC analysts. Best of all, it’s completely free.

The One Stop Cyber Security Tool for Everyone

Dracoeye is crafted especially for Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts who need quick, consolidated access to multiple security resources. However, its straightforward interface makes it incredibly user-friendly, so even your grandma could use it!

Why Use Dracoeye?

In the field of cyber security, tools to detect and analyse Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) are plentiful and invaluable. However, Rich Benfield, our Director of Technology at and the brain behind this clever asset, noticed a crucial gap. While individual tools offer great insights, toggling between them during critical moments can be unmanageable and time-consuming. Our clever tool addresses this challenge by uniting results from leading security authorities like Threat Fox, Alien Vault, and Spamhaus into a single, accessible platform.

So… How Does Dracoeye Work Then?

Enter a domain, URL, email address, file hash, or IP address—or simply attach a file. The tool does the rest, pulling information from multiple sources into one easy-to-read report. We query top security databases and IOC feeds to bring you comprehensive and reliable results all in one place. This allows you to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort in high-stakes environments.

What’s Next For Dracoeye?

Expand its capabilities. We recognise the importance of not only identifying but also understanding how security breaches occur. Future updates will focus on integrating educational tools and broader analyses to help users comprehend and mitigate the origins of security compromises. - DracoEye Results

We Need Your Feedback!

We believe that development is a collaborative process. We are eager to hear from you! Visit, give our tool a try, and let us know how it enhances your cyber security tasks or what features you would like to see added. Your feedback is crucial to our ongoing improvement and success.

Explore Dracoeye today and experience the ease of comprehensive security checks in one convenient location!

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