Founders was founded by Eliza-May Austin and Stephen Ridgway. The pair met as colleagues a year before going into business together, they shared frustrations about the infosec industry, it wasn’t long before their pub rants became business plans.

Eliza knew she wanted to work in tech from the moment she saw Sandra Bullock order Pizza over dial-up in her favourite film, 1995’s ‘The Net’.

Eliza has a degree in Digital Forensics, is SANS trained in Network Forensics, PurpleTeaming and Penetration Testing. She has previously worked in cyber defence in a number of FTSE100 companies and founded the Ladies Hacking Society, now managed by a large team of industry volunteers.

Despite her infatuation with tech she has taken on a more business-centric role and guided the company through impressive sales-driven growth, won a slew of awards and was voted one of the most inspirational voices in cybersecurity.

Favourite song ever: Two Princes by the spin Dr’s

Favourite quote: ” Create yourself instead of seeking to discover yourself ” [Tim Ferriss]

Stephen was officially the worlds leading expert in Limpet Evolution during a quirky career-high working at the Natural History Museum as a Research Doctor’s in the 90’s.

Stephen always had an interest in IT and Network Engineering, after a career transition in his 20s he spent years enjoying solving complex technical challenges in some of the worlds most unique zero downtime organisations.

After climbing the ranks to Director level at a number of different companies he began to miss the hands-on technical highs of the terminal and sought to return to his nerdy roots. Stephen aimed to build a business where he could combine strategy and technology that sought to address the critical complexities he experienced as a director in CNI environments.

Favourite song ever: “What an utterly ridiculous question, I couldn’t possibly answer that”.

Favourite quote: ” Simplicissimum erit solution fere semper est optimus.”  [Occam’s razor]