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Improve Cyber security for FREE – The 5 Easiest ways - Meet The Team - Eliza
Written By Eliza-May Austin
August 28, 2022
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Might you be interested to know how to Improve Cyber Security for FREE?

IT Managers in SMBs (Small/Medium sized Businesses) often struggle to access cyber security expertise. They can find themselves lumbered with all cyber security responsibilities without the budget to access support. So, how can IT Managers be serious about improving security in SMBs and do that on a low to no budget?

Improve Cyber Security for FREE


Make use of security settings on tools and systems you already have. Whether it’s laptops, routers, email clients or a website; both software and hardware systems these days tend to have some form of security built in. Make use of these security settings where possible.


Get the basics right. Making sure everything is MFA (multi-factor authentication) enabled is critical, go one step further and turn on admin alerting and enhanced spam filtering. All of these options are usually free.


Automation is your friend when you have limited resources. For example, you may have WAF (web application firewall) functionality from your web hosting solution. If you do have a WAF, or access to one, make use of it or speak to your hosting provider about what payment options they have available.


Speak to your local university. Many university students in technical fields, such as cyber security or digital forensics are looking for ways to enhance their CV. It may be possible to bring a student on for work experience, one that is keen to get stuck in and make a difference could add a lot of value.


Don’t use proprietary software and applications if you don’t have to. Having a developer create your website is very risky when you don’t have internal developers to pick up the slack if your chosen provider ceases trading. Services like GoDaddy and IONOS offer affordable templated ways to create low-maintenance websites and web applications. Make use of the easy options.

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This article is written by

Eliza-May Austin


Eliza exudes a captivating, no-nonsense demeanour that defines the services provided by th4ts3cur1ty company. As a proud Yorkshire woman, she boasts an impressive expertise in tea, gravy, and local hiking trails. Clients value Eliza’s practical, assertive stance on security, especially in challenging situations. Quietly dubbed the “Winston Wolfe of cyber”, she navigates complex conditions with a calm and strategic approach. Trust her to handle security matters with finesse and to get you out of a bind with determined resolve.