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Streamlined Security Solutions- Our SOC and SIEM Service

The introduction of our SOC and SIEM (Security Operations Centre and Security Information and Event Management) service offers a breath of fresh air to businesses overwhelmed by either financial or technical demands of conventional cyber security solutions. The necessity for strong cyber security measures cannot be overstated, and many organisations often face significant constraints in terms of budget and expertise.

Accessible Cyber Security

Regardless of the situation, we’ve got you. Whether that is needing a fully managed SIEM, the SOC to fit with your own technology or just the expertise when it truly matters the most. We aim to simplify the often complex and expensive SOC and SIEM market, making security accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size, current technology, IT capabilities or budget. With our solution, businesses can protect themselves against potential fines, lawsuits, and audits.

Designed by SOC and SIEM Industry Experts - Cyber Self Sufficiency

Our SIEM service is crafted by founders who have extensive experience in technical and senior roles within the cyber security industry. They bring their personal experiences as both users and providers of managed services to design a solution that directly addresses common pain points. The service is built around the philosophy of customer-centricity, focusing on responsive support, clear communication, and tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Why We’re Better

Unlike some SIEM solutions that only handle log data, our service enhances security monitoring by integrating log management and network captures (PCAP data), endpoint data and all important information from your SaaS services. This approach provides more comprehensive visibility into network and system activities, enabling businesses to more effectively identify and respond to security incidents.

Using open-source technologies, our SIEM service offers functionalities comparable to major providers but at a fraction of the cost. This not only ensures financial savings but also delivers top-tier security capabilities without the usual complexities and overhead associated with other SIEM solutions.

Our services have been crafted by individuals who’ve not only worked within security operation centres but have also been purchasers of such services themselves. This unique perspective infuses our offerings with a blend of first hand expertise, deep understanding, and the awareness of common pain points. As a result, our SOC and SIEM services stand out for their superiority. Our SOC solutions prioritise efficient triage and thorough investigation, leveraging human expertise alongside automation to deliver meaningful insights instead of inundating our clients with generic alerts.

TSC SOC and SIEM services are tiered, flexible and are designed to mould with your business.

Embrace Efficiency in Cyber Security

We don’t want to be just a service, but a partner in your organisation’s cyber security journey by delivering powerful visibility and monitoring capabilities, all while maintaining a simple and user-friendly approach. If your business is looking for a reliable and effective SIEM or SOC solution, our service offers the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity. Contact us today to learn how we can help strengthen your cyber security posture.

Learn About PocketSIEM

TSC stands as the parent company of the PocketSIEM brand, thus utilising the tools and talents of the PocketSIEM teams to deliver these services. The PocketSIEM team is wholly dedicated to providing visibility and monitoring, offering clients the assurance of experienced and secure hands.