Penetration Testing

Whether it's a skilled hacker, nefarious user or an insider threat our experienced testers can determine what the impact of an attack could be before it happens, furthermore, we can help you to put the controls in place to make sure real cyber-attacks are mitigated.

Use Realistic, Relevant Offensive Tactics To Test Your Defences.

Internal & External Infrastructure Testing: Our testers are experienced in Network penetration testing of internal and internet-facing services; most notably on-premise, AWS, Azure and GCP based testing.

Application Testing: TSC provides Penetration Testing in the UK and internationally. We specialise in providing expert ethical hacking engagements to clients within wide-ranging business sectors.

Our dedication to accurately identify security weaknesses, empowers our customers to fully understand and manage risk within their corporate environment and enhance cyber defences over time.

Zero-Touch Theoretical Based Testing: Some environments, such as those in critical industrial settings are too sensitive to undertake many of the tests performed during a practical penetration test. At times it is best to take a zero-touch, theoretical security assessment of these environments, ensuring zero downtime and zero impact.

Phishing Assessments: Phishing (the sending of malicious emails) is the number one attack vector worldwide. Using our phishing service you’ll be able to determine how
likely you are to fall victim to this frighteningly common attack, better still we will throw in a training and awareness presentation for your business, here we will showcase the results to the company and teach best practices for email security hygiene.

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Why Choose For Your Penetration Testing?

We take a business-centric approach to offensive security. From regular updates, reports in layman terms and guided improvement plans, every part of our offensive service is built with your defence in mind:

  • Highly qualified and experienced testers, matched to you with their areas of expertise, from application and infrastructure to unique custom engagements.
  • Usable remediation guidance and the option to have hands-on mitigation assistance.
  • Detailed usable reporting, we create our reports with your business in mind.
  • Designated service management and regular updates.
  • Every customer receives a complimentary populated vulnerability tracker.

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