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Purple Team Podcast

One-off series

The PurpleTeam Podcast is a one-off series of conversations that celebrates, dissects and showcases one of the most valuable approaches to cyber security.

 In this podcast we explore the convergence between red and blue aspects of cyber defence. In each episode, our CEO, Eliza-May Austin sits down to discuss its application with different industry figures.

Purple -Teaming – the act of uniting offending and defending teams to create ultimate security intelligence – is arguably the best way to tackle cyber attacks today. Each episode offers technical advice, real-life case studies and the opportunity to look at PurpleTeam practices from every possible perspective.

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Why Should I Listen?

Th4ts3cur1ty’s CEO, Eliza-May Austin explores her passion for purple teaming and has channeled that into pioneering strategies that enhance cyber security resilience. Eliza has expertly developed and refined a purple teaming process at TSC that is tried and tested, designed to deliver unparalleled results. This approach not only integrates but transcends the traditional red and blue team methodologies, offering a far superior framework that ensures comprehensive security coverage and proactive defence mechanisms.

The Purple Team Podcast Host - Eliza May-Austin

CEO of and host of the “Purple Team Podcast,” is a leading authority in cyber security. Eliza has carved out a niche as a pioneer in Purple Teaming, an innovative approach that integrates offensive (red team) and defensive (blue team) strategies to enhance valuable output.

Her passion for this fusion has driven her to develop and refine a cutting-edge Purple Teaming process at th4ts3cur1ty which has been praised for its effectiveness and innovation. Through her podcast, Eliza shares her extensive knowledge and insights, engaging with industry experts to explore the application of Purple Teaming in real-world scenarios, offering listeners practical advice, case studies, and a comprehensive understanding of this critical cyber security approach.

Eliza’s personal touch and deep understanding of the field make the podcast a must-listen for anyone interested in expanding their offensive testing and enhancing blue team operations. .

Listen via the platforms below ... - Meet The Team - Eliza

Eliza May-Austin