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A six-step service with all the benefits of full-spectrum penetration testing (and more).

By combining the intelligence, analysis and controls of defenders with the motives, threats and behaviours of attackers, we give you the power to take total control of your security operations. An engaged organisation benefits from reduced costs, sharpened senses and a simplified security structure by making necessary changes to its people, processes and technology.

Cyber Security Maturity

The tools to take you from a reactive risk response to a proactive security posture.

We make unique assessments of cybersecurity maturity by testing an organisation’s ability to respond to adverse security attacks. We always avoid generic analysis by tailoring our tests by sector, attack relevancy and company budget. The result? A comprehensive view of your security environment as well as your position in it. This intelligence helps you to periodically assess growth as well as improve situational analysis, information sharing protocol and supply chain and workforce management — in turn, enhancing your overall risk response. Not bad for one, simple service.

IR Process Build & Testing

Designed incident response procedures for your entire organisation.

A holistic incident response plan building and testing to protect you against unexpected attacks by reducing recovery time and restricting damage. Our unique methodology considers the entire incident response team, from technologists to social media management. Containment, eradication and recovery are all made clear with a robust incident response plan that everyone — from C-level to ground workers — can understand.

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The world’s first cost-effective SIEM service where you pay-per-ticket.

We’re making security information and event management (SIEM) affordable for all via our subscription-style service. Our sophisticated SIEM system aggregates logs and network captures (PCAP data) in one centralised management console, helping you to identify suspicious behaviour, pinpoint correlations and perform forensic analysis — all without breaking the bank. Plus, for every 10 sold, we donate one to a UK charity.

CyberSecurity Charities Programme consulted senior security leaders in the third sector to bring charities this custom-built set of services.

We understand that charities hold sensitive data about the most vulnerable in society. We don’t want your hard work to be undermined by poor cybersecurity hygiene. Speak to us about our Charities programme.

Penetration Testing

Defence Through Offence

Whether it’s an advanced threat, a skilled hacker or a nefarious employee, our skilled testers can determine what the impact of an attack could be before it happens, furthermore, we can help you to put the controls in place to make sure business-sensitive mitigations are in place.

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A problem shared is a problem halved. That’s why our solutions help to minimise the time, money and sleepless nights spent on cybersecurity troubles.