Cyber Security Training & Awareness

Results and fun, not metrics and stats. In-person and remote cyber security training that isn't boring, isn't patronising but is bespoke to your organisation and does produce positive results.

Bespoke, Meaningful Cyber Security Training & Awareness

Cyber Security is incredibly boring to people who are simply not interested in the subject. When we find something boring we struggle to retain the information, so why do so many companies rely on such boring cyber security training content? If you’re going to spend the money, you may as well make it count, right?

You want to avoid data breaches, cyber-attacks and reputational brand damage, we want that for you too. We wholeheartedly believe that the way forward for training and awareness is not to track metrics around how long employees spend watching a training video, or what multiple-choice question they select. Rather we think about the best teachers we had at school, the ones with real-life stories, the ones who taught us through having a go ourselves and visitors who turned up to assembly and inspired change in our thoughts. This is the approach we take and we demand no long-term commitments in exchange.

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We previously used an LMS system to deliver training, the results were poor and we simply could not get our teams engaged. Th4ts3cur1ty researched our business, created bespoke to us branded training materials, turned up and delivered what can only be described as some seriously interesting and funny workshops for our various teams. They even went as far as to create different training for different departments, something we didn’t get with our previous provider. The evidence of training  they provided us with was appreciated by our investors.

– Head of IT [Legal Sector] 

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Bespoke Cyber Security Training & Awareness

We see this service as something we are providing to your workforce, to better equip your organisation to defend itself not simply to tick a box to satisfy an arbitrary requirement. Make life harder for attackers by utilising your best line of defence; your people.