Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management service helps organisations identify, manage, and mitigate business-wide technical vulnerabilities. Receive vulnerability reports for technical managers, prioritise remediation actions to address the highest-risk vulnerabilities and more.

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Many attackers make use of known vulnerabilities in devices (endpoints, infrastructure or Web Applications) in order to establish a bridgehead in an organisation and move towards their ultimate goals. Vulnerability management is the process by which organisations mitigate the risk of known vulnerabilities being exploited, reduce their threat landscape and improve their cybersecurity maturity.

The PocketSEE service has been developed by to help organisations manage business-wide technical vulnerabilities and to specifically address some common challenges, including:

  • What vulnerabilities are currently in my organisation?
  • What vulnerabilities are found in business-critical systems?
  • Is my vulnerability posture improving over time?
  • Are parts of my organisation managing vulnerabilities particularly well or particularly badly?
  • What can be done to assist areas in need of improvement?
  • What are the top actions needed to address the most high-risk vulnerabilities across the organisation?
  • How do I address the vulnerabilities found and in what order?

Our PocketSEE vulnerability management service operated on a rolling monthly contract and has deployment payment plans available.

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Our vulnerability management service goes beyond simple vulnerability scans and produces actionable recommendations, targeted at the highest-risk areas of the business.

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Security Vulnerability Management And Improvement

Vulnerability management can support a patch management process by identifying devices that have not been patched or have not been patched fully. A patch-management process alone, cannot, however, shed light on residual vulnerabilities.