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HSSP – A Hybrid
Approach to Cyber

Hybrid Security Service Provider
PocketSIEM SOC & SIEM Provider

WTF does HSSP mean?

It stands for Hybrid Security Service Provider. It is a way to use an outsourced company (PocketSIEM) to operate as an extension of your internal teams on an as-needed basis.

How does it work?

This is a newer concept that we (PocketSIEM) use. A combination of an internal SOC and MSSP. It helps with remediation and mitigation. A HSSP model means the provider works with your internal team on an as-needed basis.


By combining the benefits of an MSSP and internal SOC, you get outsourcing of staffing and recruitment, whilst getting the benefits of internal knowledge.

You also only pay for the tickets you escalate, so you are in control of the costs.

It is built in your environment, negating international data legalities.

AND There is a quicker identification to mitigation speed.

Is it expensive?

It is the CHEAPEST option when compared to an MSSP or a SOC. The more you contribute, the cheaper it is. Perfect for SMEs, growing companies, and enterprises that need an escalation point or a helping hand.

Use Case

Often an HSSP is used as an escalation point to investigate and recommend remediations when the internal resource isn’t able, is not yet implemented, and does not exist.

Beneficial during complex times when the internal resources need extra help BUT not permanently, for example: during mergers and acquisitions.

The Service Options- Bronze

An incredibly malleable offering for companies who want to take a hands-on approach to their own cyber defenses.

The Service Options- Silver

For those who need a little more attention day-to-day. Silver offers you the comfort of having someone from PocketSIEM monitor your environment daily.

The Service Options- Gold

Fully managed 9-5 SOC, with out-of-hours escalation.

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